Theraplay has indeed become a fun-filled adventure for my son's Jehaan. The well-equipped center has greatly nurtured my son's skills. It is a place where my son receives great occupational therapy by trained and empathetic professionals. Early intervention program with Khyati has made Jehaan improve and gain confidence. He looks forward attend the sessions.

Jehaan's Mom

We came to Theraplay in February 2017. Though our son was verbal, our biggest concern was his lack of understanding and interaction. We had been to many centers but these concerns remained. Since the time we have come to Theraplay, we are seeing marked improvement. The best thing we liked about this place is total transparency, complete involvement of all the therapists and excellent coordination with parents. Dr. Khyati's proactive attitude gives us a lot of hope for our son.

Vihaan's mom

Theraplay is a center where every child lives to go to. The instruments are so colorful & well made. A special child when enters in this space forgets his worries & has a feeling of his own due to the ambience. The strength of Theraplay are its faculties who are so warm & friendly. They know their work so well that they can effortlessly train the child, not making the child realize that their training is on. My son has always looked forward to going this place as he gets a freedom to explore his thoughts & at the time in that one hour he gets to forget his worries & play.

Advait's Mom

Thera Play is oxygen to Adi, a place to reassemble, repair and rejuvenate. Khyati and the team brings the best out of him. Best wishes always.

Adi's Mom

Well for me Theraplay was an eye opener. I was so fed up of being told that my son had major organizational issues that I needed an honest and focused opinion. This is what I got here. The staff is so friendly and forthright that you immediately feel comfortable addressing all your problematic issues. After a proper assessment that my son went through I was given a frank opinion and a solution to the problem. My personal experience with Theraplay and the people working there is something that I cannot express in words. It felt like home!! Need I say more!!

Agastya's Mom

Theraplay's setup is immaculate, creative, and well designed. The therapist s are extremely warm and hardworking and they really put in tons of efforts and they have definitely brought about a world of difference in my daughter. Special mention to Dr Khyati and Dr Kshiti for being so encouraging and flexible even in terms of the timing. Dr Khyati's Theraplay is sure to reach soaring success with everything being so perfect...

Aarika's Mom

Theraplay is a very colorful, spacious, child friendly and a wonderful place for kids of multiple ages requiring any kind of therapy. The play happens in a fun way by therapists who are encouraging and friendly. Parents too get an opportunity see what their kids are doing. Basically, kids learn a lot through the organized and group plays. Kids would love visiting this place again and again

Veer's Mom

I am very happy with the approach and the changes I am in seeing my son. I am extremely content with the way Ms. Nami deals with my son and it's beautiful to see the bond between the two.

Nachiket's Mom

I have known Dr Khyati Dharia and her team of therapists, Dr Kshiti, Dr Nami, Dr Kruti, Dr Namrata and Dr Tahera for more than 6 years now. Have known their new center Theraplay for more than a year now. Can vouch for their professional competence, caring nature n results. I would highly recommend Theraplay.

Dr. Nivedita Palekar
Aditya Palekar's Mom

Theraplay is a right place for child to enhance their capabilities with the help of experienced and loving staff. They learn a lot in the form of game. Their infrastructure as well as dedicated staff keeps children happy and enthusiastic.

Kashyap's Mom

My association with the center has been for four years now. It's been a wonderful journey. The therapists have been rotated at times but all of them are wonderful. They have been very loving and extremely warm with the kids. They put their heart and soul for the child and selflessly do their duty. The whole environment is positive. The children look forward to coming in and are attached to each and every therapist instantly. The therapists work as a team here. Thankful to have such lovely therapists and being under their guidance.

Diya's Mom

It's been an eventful journey with Theraplay; the personalized attention and the care really touched us. A goal oriented, step by step approaches has worked really well for our son.

Pratuyush's Mom

Place is huge and colourful,therapists are very kind and caring they follow amazing strategies to make our kids learn...we luv it

Ranveer's Mom

It's an amazing experience with Theraplay luv the way all the Therapist work friendly approach towards the work.

Dhruv Daga's Mom

Theraplay has been a blessing for us. My daughter used to be a very shy girl and thanks to the team at Theraplay, I can gradually see many differences in her. She's growing into a confident girl and mixes up with people in a better way than before. The team is very dedicated and give careful and equal attention to every kid. They are a kid friendly place and my daughter loves to visit the clinic.

Deepali Jain
Shubhi's Mom

My son Aarav Shah who has been taking regular occupational therapy and speech therapy at Theraplay has made very good progress and I am happy with it

Payal Shah
Aarav's Mom

These days there a lot of places, that offer the same services that Theraplay does; I chose, Theraplay even though it's quite a distance for me because of the dedicated therapist they have. Ridhika and Dhara have been working with my child, he is not just any other case for them. They take genuine interest in him, they have tried and forged a bond with him. They are always there if I need any help and guidance. Theraplay has a wonderful infrastructure. I have seen the staff deal with every child with love and patience, being strict when required. They understand that every child is unique. They give their best to every child that comes there.

Reyaansh's Mom

Couldn't think of a better place to send my child...the place is vibrant and well equipped and the therapists are very friendly and caring! It's not therapy through work but therapy through fun!

Yuvraaj's Mom

One-year journey with Theraplay gave us very fruitful results to our 5yrs old son, Excellent Professional Therapist handles every child with ease and creates positive environment for teaching, they make learning so interesting to child that we get to see positive results in our child in few weeks' time. Theraplay OT rooms are well designed as per the work needed on child along with all the safety features keeping in mind and OT rooms are kept very clean and hygienic. The best part is the CCTV room where all parents can see day to day activities performed on child's. Final verdict- one of the best therapist center in Mumbai. I would like to give 5-star rating for THERAPLAY. Keep up the good job and thanks for being there.

Justin's Father

I'm happy with changes in my son...n therapist r very nice n co-operative ...n also the center is too good.

Jeni Shah
Moksh's Mom

Theraplay has been a true success for our daughter. We have seen tremendous progress over the years, and continue to see more each and every week. It's become like a 2nd family to us because of the kind of love and care they offer you along with their highly professional service.Ms.Ami is a very experienced Speech therapist and its lovely to watch my girl engage with her.Ms.Deepa is very creative and comes up with amazing teaching ideas. Dr.Khyati is one of the best in this field and comes across as a wonderful human being. An amazing team and a helpful staff, always willing to help you.And Kshiti (didi) Fhariah loves you the most.

Fhariah's mom

Khyati and her team is brilliant. They go out of their way to help out the children and parents. They have a way of blowing magic in the lives of our little ones

Isheta's Mom

Theraplay has been a true success for our daughter with Sensory Integration issues. I feel that the expertise and dedication of our therapists has made a lasting impact in our child's life. The individualised program that she has received has allowed her to express her intelligence and individuality, whilst gaining the confidence and skills required to succeed at every level. We will forever be grateful to our therapists at Theraplay!!

Palka Patel
Aadya's Mom

The first thing that hits you as you enter THERAPLAY is the warm vibes that it gives out. And fortunately, that extends to the efficiency and empathy with which the kids are looked upon and treated. I am so glad I found a place that I can trust so blindly for my 6-year-old to sharpen his skills and overcome his difficulties

Zaid's Mom

Theraplay is the beautiful child friendly place. My son is coming here from a year almost and he has learnt so many good behavioural things from here. I could see the drastic change in him. Here all the therapists are very efficient and they are very friendly with children and caring also.

Yuvraj's Mom

Theraplay' as the word says therapy with play!!!! My son has been going to Theraplay for 6 months and we extremely happy seeing our child as a happy child!!! The teachers support is unconditionally!!! Aaryan loves going to Theraplay!!!

Aaryan's Mom

My experience with the Thera play so far has been excellent. Dr. Khyati Dharia is very welcoming and patient to the children. Very well updated about every child's condition. All the therapists are very good with the children. Nidhi Panchal is our favourite who's been our therapist. My son looks forward to seeing her and have seen a remarkable positive change with my son. All becoz of the efforts put in by Nidhi. Who has always been available all ears to slightest difficulty faced. So, as I mentioned over all excellent experience so far

Aryan Kothari's Mom

I liked abt this center is very creative way of doing therapy. 2) with exercise, the concept is thought which is very good ... 3) Therapists are very polite and co-operative ....

Heet's Mom

Theraplay is an excellent opportunity for kids to play and learn. The therapists do an excellent job. They understand the difficulties of the kids very well and then train them accordingly. I'm glad I and my daughter are a part of it.

Mariyam's Mom

My son Vayun has been with Theraplay for the past year. I have seen a great improvement in his memory as well as hand eye coordination and spatial awareness thanks to the efforts of Kshiti and the entire Theraplay team. They have been absolutely wonderful and caring, so much so that Vayun would never want to leave his sessions and had tears in his eyes on the last day at Theraplay. So, a big thank you to Khyati, Kshiti and everyone there for everything! Good luck.

Vayun's Mom

Occupational Therapy is understood in the correct way by "Theraplay". Theraplay clears all the doubts and strives to the betterment of the child. They know what is the correct way for every single child. My son showed signs of remarkable improvements within few months. We saw him doing and saying things which we always wanted to see. They have given specialized assistance to my kid to lead independent & productive life and participate fully in school and social situations. Ms. Khyati and all the therapists are patient and calm with all parents and children, which is imperative in this profession.

Jainish's Mom

We are the parents of 4-year-old child with delay in speech and sensory issues. We went to various places for speech and occupational therapies, however none of those were fruitful. Then we came across Theraplay through one of the parents. Immediately we consulted them, and at very first instance we knew that, this is the place that we were looking for. The place is very well equipped for conduct of occupational therapies and various sensory integration sessions. Moreover , the attitude of each and every therapist in the Theraplay is worth a special mention. Dr. Khyati has set in an amazing culture at the Centre and her whole team has been doing a wonderful job. Would love to mention their names as well and want to say special thanks to all the Occupational therapists... Dr. Khyati, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Kshiti, Dr. Riya, Dr. Tahera, Dr. Nami. Our son has shown tremendous signs of improvement in mere four months. We are so delighted to have found this at the same time disappointed about the fact that we could not find the Theraplay earlier. To summarize, Theraplay is a well-equipped Centre with qualified, patient, loving and very understanding therapists for occupational and speech therapies, sensory integration and special education for the children in need of special requirements. Thank full the god and thank full to the Theraplay.

Samridh's Parents