Theraplay is Aashay's favorite place. He is ready to go back anytime. Thank you team theraplay for all your effort and support.

Aashay's Mom
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

I have been bringing my daughter here since the first day of the clinic's opening and have been very happy with her progress. We have known Khyati Mam, Dr Kshiti and Dr Tahera for a long time now and have seen how involved and encouraging all the therapists are towards the children. No one could even guess my daughter needs therapy. Thank you so much to all our therapists at Theraplay.

Sehra's Mom
Dubai, U.A.E

My nephew joined in as an outstation patient and within a few sessions with Nidhi he started coming out of shell. Ms. Deepa is helping and guiding him in the best and most needed way. Affan always looks forward to attending his sessions. I am sure he is going to miss Theraplay and all of them when he travels bac to Sharjah. Looking forward to his home programme.

Affan's aunt
Sharjah, U.A.E

Journey of Samar, my son along with me was very fruitful. Khyati along with her team does wonders to the child that you see positive changes in child each day. The center is well equipped with best of therapists. The therapist worked and brought my child to a level where I can now work on him independently. Home plan for outstation parents is simple and workable for parents.

Samarveer's Mom
Punjab, India

Kshiti was my daughter's occupational therapist for over a year and she was fabulous. My daughter (4 years old when she started) was made to feel at ease from the get go and she looked forward to meeting her Kshiti Didi every day. Khyati and Kshiti were both very supportive and sensitive to even my needs and I have called Kshiti sometimes at 10 pm at night and she has always answered. When we were moving to London they allowed me to record all the exercises (some therapists don't allow that) helping me to replicate it and continue my daughters therapy in London. They always keep the child's interests first. In short, the only thing I miss about India in London is Khyati's team

Kavita Poddar
Anika's Mom
London, U.K

When I was first referred to visit Theraplay for my daughter occupational needs I wasn't expecting much. But the first visit to the center has cleared many things. It's just not occupational therapy... It's a wonderful play concept which Is found only abroad and it's not done in the conventional way but in a very fun way which challenges both the body n mind to perform to their best as kids in general can't resist a good play and without them conscious they overcome their limitations.... The staff I have come across are very professional n very very kid friendly. kids respond only to love and they give that in oodles.... Lastly for an outstation parent like me I am being helped with home program too but it can't match what you get if your local but still they give valuable guidance and do excellent evaluation for me to handle things back at home. Overall, I'm so glad I found Khyati and I want other parents to know of her expertise in helping their kids. It's just not O .T ... They offer other associated services too so it's an institute in itself... Thank you Khyati for all the help you have offered... I cherish it.

Pranavi Samavita's Mom
Vishakhapatnam, India

Rudra, born August 2004 has moderate physical disability due to Cerebral Palsy with seizures since birth. After visiting multiple therapy centers across the country in the last 10 years, we did not find any significant improvement in his condition. However, after undergoing Sensory Integration at Theraplay we noticed the improvement graph beginning to rise. Rudra's ability to negotiate stairs became better and his balance in general improved. He is now able to jump and is more confident while negotiating obstacles. As the rehabilitation process continues at Theraplay, we hope for further progress in his gait, gross and fine motor deficits.

Rudra's parents
Delhi, India