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Theraplay, is a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic aiming to support each child's unique needs. We offer a friendly, empowering environment to help all children reach their fullest potential.

Theraplay, was founded in 2016 by Khyati Dharia who is a practising pediatric Occupational Therapist since 2005. She has received her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from G.S.M.C & K.E.M.H.(Mum).

She is certified in Sensory Integrationfrom University of Southern California (U.S.A.). She is certified in Bobath Concept from the Bobath Child Center (U.K.). She has done various workshops and certification in Autism.

She has been closely working with schools and health care professionals to provide family centered services. Her aim is to provide highest quality of therapy using the latest techniques available from research and continued education.

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What We Offer

Occupational Therapy

Our creative occupational therapy team helps infants and children achieve independence in various aspects of their daily lives.

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Art Based Therapy

We use multiple art forms like music, drama, visual arts, dance - movement and their combination to work towards therapeutic.

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Our dedicated physiotherapy team works to acquire maximum functional mobility in children with disabilities or injuries.

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Our psychologists evaluate children in various domains and help understand their strength and weaknesses.

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Special Education

Our expert remedial therapy team helps children develop their skills rather than on content and develop their strength.

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Speech Therapy

Our dynamic speech and language therapy team assesses and implements therapy for children with voice, language disorders.

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Diagnosis We Cater To

AUTISM Spectrum Disorder
Learning Disability

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Specific Interventions

Aquatic Therapy
Brain Gym

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Theraplay has indeed become a fun-filled adventure for my son's Jehaan. The well-equipped center has greatly nurtured my son's skills. It is a place where my son receives great occupational therapy by trained and empathetic professionals. Early intervention program with Khyati has made Jehaan improve and gain confidence. He looks forward attend the sessions.

Jehaan's Mom

We came to Theraplay in February 2017. Though our son was verbal, our biggest concern was his lack of understanding and interaction. We had been to many centers but these concerns remained. Since the time we have come to Theraplay, we are seeing marked improvement. The best thing we liked about this place is total transparency, complete involvement of all the therapists and excellent coordination with parents. Dr. Khyati's proactive attitude gives us a lot of hope for our son.

Vihaan's mom

Theraplay's setup is immaculate, creative, and well designed. The therapist s are extremely warm and hardworking and they really put in tons of efforts and they have definitely brought about a world of difference in my daughter. Special mention to Dr Khyati and Dr Kshiti for being so encouraging and flexible even in terms of the timing. Dr Khyati's Theraplay is sure to reach soaring success with everything being so perfect...

Aarika's Mom

Theraplay is a very colorful, spacious, child friendly and a wonderful place for kids of multiple ages requiring any kind of therapy. The play happens in a fun way by therapists who are encouraging and friendly. Parents too get an opportunity see what their kids are doing. Basically, kids learn a lot through the organized and group plays. Kids would love visiting this place again and again

Veer's Mom
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Theraplay - I Play I Learn

Theraplay, is a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic aiming to support each child's unique needs. We offer a friendly, empowering environment to help all children reach their fullest potential.